Write One Page Describing Your Reasoning Behind The Choice Of Each Of The Four D

Essay assignment.

Write one page describing your reasoning behind the choice of each of the four dc bias resistors: R1 R2, Re and RL for a common emitter bipolar transistor amplifier. Illustrate using an example with power supply voltage Vcc = (3 + N), where N is the final digit of your student number. Set Vc at approximately Vcc/2 and Ve at a reasonable value, but make sure that Vc-Ve is at least 1 volt. Design for a current Ic ~ 2mA, and use standard value resistors. Assume that the schematic is written on a white board, and that you are describing the selection of resistors for a Maker Faire high school student who knows ohm’s law and that Vbe for a bipolar transistor is about 0.6 volts.

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