Write five pages about systems for interior construction write five


Write five pages about Systems for Interior Construction

Write five pages about:

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CHAPTER 16. Systems for Interior Construction

16.1. Interior Walls and Partitions

16.2. Ordinary Doors

16.3. Special-Purpose Doors 1

6.4. Floor-Ceiling and Roof-Ceiling Systems

16.5. Interior Finishes

16.6. Systems-Design Approach to ‘Interior Systems

(5) pages (maximum) term paper, type double spaced using font size 12 should have the following:

1. Table of Contents

2. Introduction

3. Body

4 Conclusion

5. List of References

6. do a PowerPoint slides for the assignment after you finish the papers.

7. After you finish your papers, make a five questions and answer them from your papers , so the answers should be from your papers

just go to google and type Building Engineering and System Design , and you will find the book there