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  In a paper of 1000-1200 words (4+ double-spaced pages), . In your explication, pay particular attention to two of these literary elements: 1. Word choice, Word order, Tone 4. Images 2. Figures of Speech 5. Symbols, Allegory, Irony 3. Patterns of Sound, Patterns of Rhythm 6. Poetic Form (These elements have been discussed in individual chapters of your textbook.) Evaluation Criteria: Your paper should: –be thesis-driven; –show evidence that you have used the ideas and concepts from your assigned reading in Meyer; –develop your thesis using evidence drawn from the literature that is your subject and from the instruction about literary elements that your assigned reading provides; –use organizational techniques such as clear paragraphing, transitions, topic sentences, and intro/conclusion strategies to make your essay clear and enjoyable to read; –practice basic MLA formatting guidelines, including the guidelines governing the formatting of titles, the special formatting requirements for quoting poetry, and the smooth integration of quoted material into your own sentences and paragraphs; –be clear, engaging, error-free; –be about 1000-1200 words long


The poem you will be writting about message me for more info. 

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