Write a 750- to 1,050-word paper that addresses the questions

Consider the following: 

An important learning objective in this course is for students to critically apply leadership concepts and theories in order to analyze and present solutions to leadership challenges. Increasing your ability to accomplish this objective, is the main goal of the paper assignments. The paper assignments are designed to help you apply the assigned materials, lectures, and class discussions to specific cases. This is a critical part of your learning process because it helps you translate the abstract concepts introduced in the materials to real-world scenarios.

Read the two scenarios in the attached Word document.

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Choose one of the scenarios to focus on for this assignment. 

Write a 750- to 1,050-word paper that addresses the questions associated with your chosen scenario (found in the Word document).

Keep the following guidelines in mind as you work on your paper:

  • You can draw on the assigned materials, power points, class discussions etc. but be sure to cite properly all quotations and paraphrases used from existing sources.
  • The course papers are not a test on your ability to recite all the concepts and theories discussed in class so pick carefully one or more perspectives that you think informs the leadership challenge at hand.
  • Grades will take into account grammar and spelling. Papers must be well developed, logically consistent, and brief.
  • The assignment is to be completed individually but students are welcome to discuss the case description questions in groups.
  • Papers should be single-spaced. Excluded from the word count are cover pages (not required) and a reference list (required if quotations or paraphrases from external sources are used).
  • All quotations and paraphrases should be properly cited using APA, MLA or some other academic writing format. It is up to you which format you use but use it consistently. Students may not submit work undertaken for a different class.
  • Papers should use professional language. No slang, emoticons, text-speak etc.
  • Wikipedia should not be used as a source – it is a fine place to become familiar with topics, but you must move to more reputable references (e.g., see the reference list to the Wikipedia page).