Write A 600 750 Word Narration 100 Original Work Read The Attached Word Doc Fi

 First Essay

Write a 600-750 word narration about when someone was a Good Samaritan to you or when you were a Good Samaritan to another.  This act of kindness is more than giving a dollar to someone standing on the street corner; when did someone go out of his/her way to help you or when did you go out of your way to help someone else.

compose a well-written essay, at least 650 words long narrating in the third or first person an example of when you were a Good Samaritan or someone was a Good Samaritan to you. (Yes, you need to capitalize both Good and Samaritan.) Avoid second person pronouns in formal writing.  You may use “I,” but avoid “you,” “your,” or “yours.”

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Note that the Good Samaritan sacrificed something to be of help to the injured person.  Ask yourself what did the Good Samaritan sacrifice?  Anything else?