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A good topic for our term project would be “Building Your Own e-Commerce Business”.  So, for Part I of this project I want every student to propose her/his idea of how to go about this.  You can discuss things such as ways to build your web sites and deciding on the type of products or services that you should choose to offer on your web sites.  Also, all related issues such as how to build your web site, all the related issues such as product inventory, advertising, etc. needs to be addressed.

IN 7 PAGES PLEASE REFER TO PROJECT PART 1 ATTAHCED TO THIS HOMEWORK AND WRITE A PROJECT COVERING THE FOLLOWING:. Develop e-Commerce business idea.. PICK A DOMAINE NAME AND WEBSITE ADDRESS FOR THE E-COMMERCE BUSINESS.. Describe website hosting services: type, provider, specs, and cost.. shopping cart software, pay tools, products offered, delivery services. . Merchant service provider.. Marketing.. Risk Management. Conclusion: future of the business in terms of growth and profitability.

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