World Since 1945 1

The World since 1945

Country Report- SAUDI ARABIA

     History is the study of change over time.  The primary task of your Country Report will be to describe how your country changed from 1945. There may be periods of rapid change and also periods of slow evolution –  you will have to select which periods of change to emphasize.

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     Your report should cover the following areas of inquiry.

      1. International relations.

       2. Politics/ Ideologies.

       3. Economic activity: GNP, demographics; rise/fall of specific industries.

       4. Social/ cultural/ religious aspects.

       5. Environmental issues.

       Seventy years is a long time and the post-World War II world is one of exceptionally rapid change.  As a result, you may be afflicted by the problem of too much information. Remember that the paper should be only 10 pages long (a few more pages is permissible), but you should try to balance your paper between the 5 areas of concern outlined above.

The country report must be on SAUDI ARABIA 

 10-12 pages – Double spaced.