Wk9 Both

1.The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

 Actions for ‘The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’

How has the ACA impacted public health?  How will it change public health in the future?

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2. The Evolving HIT Environment

 Actions for ‘The Evolving HIT Environment’

The focus of this week’s discussion is health information technology (HIT). It offers the opportunity to share your thinking about three questions:

1. What are the most important trends in health care technology?

2. What factors are driving and/or limiting the further growth of health care technologies.

3. Based on the above trends and factors, identify five (5) ways health technology will likely change the role of health care managers by 2020.

You will notice that these three questions also contribute to your deliberations on your final (research) paper. This week’s discussion is not asking you to post your paper. Rather, it’s a chance to post your preliminary thinking about the issues you need to address in your paper for some early feedback from other students and the Professor.