Response with 150 words on the question below. Need to cite and reference to support answer


I think officers, as well as, departments struggle with this regularly.  What could you implement to rectify this situation without having officers become too involved or personal but still keeping it professional?  

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Orginal discussion:

This podcast is about family system crisis and the role of the police in this crisis. It is giving examples of a range of issues and interactions in the family that result in a family system being in crisis. According to the podcast, one of the family members is in a crisis; the whole family system is involved in that crisis hence their existence of family system crisis (Ackerman, 2013). Again, according to the podcast, whenever there is a crisis in the family, even if it is a private matter, in most cases the police becomes the first people to get a call. A good example is the case of domestic violence (Ackerman, 2013). What seems interesting is the involvement of the police in family matters that seems private. It implies that sometimes, the privacy of a family or a person ceases to matter when it comes serving justice. I think it is time people learn to respect the police as their role is part and parcel of people’s daily lives (Ackerman, 2013).


Ackerman, N. W. (2013). Family system crisis. New York: McGraw-Hill.