Wk 5 Progressive

Progressive Case Study

MacArthur and Associates was established over 50 years ago. The company has grown and changed in order to stay viable. Organizationally there are over 50 years of records including projects, departments, business plans, and business forms. The company has a history of slow growth and change. Many of the changes have been documented through business plans and amendments. The records are kept in storage offsite in boxes. The organization is seeking to establish a learning library using the acquired information. Determining a process in the plan as to developing those resources has been a source of consternation. Providing for hard copy to electronic copies of historical data is a point of contention due to use of personnel, resources, and time. Determining the parameters for the learning library and its potential to the overall performance improvement of the organization is up for debate. Prepare a 250 word summary on a needs assessment and task analysis based on this week’s readings. Use of goal setting theory or other applicable concepts should be blended with the summary. Address the value in being a learning organization and its impact on performance improvement. Prepare this summary as if it were to be sent to the client.

Provide references

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