Very short discussion needed use references


There are three parts to this discussion section:

  1. First post two examples of ambiguities or special uses of language, but do not identify which type you chose.  You may create one or choose a famous one from a text or from the web.  Be sure to reference the source you have used for your post, supplying a link, if possible. 

    Your examples should be different cases and should illustrate either 
    a: semantic ambiguity, syntactic ambiguity, ambiguity of relative words, grouping ambiguity, euphanistic language, stereotyping (be sure not to be hurtful), emotionally charged language, innuendo, loaded questions, or a case of hedging your bets.

  2. Reply to at least three posts and identify the examples.  Discuss how the examples illustrate the cases. Could it be more than one? Explain your position.
  3. Reply other replies and critically discuss their position and the example.

Whenever possible, use references to support your claims.





Examples of Ambiguities


1).  I saw a man on a hill with a telescope.

2). I have never tasted a cake like that before.

3). He saw her duck.



“Ambitious Sentences”. Byrdseed. Ian Byrd, 2009. Web. 21 Sept. 2016 




Example 1: In a family way


Example 2: She told me she found the body down by the bank.




1. We put our dog to sleep.

2. Some people say that you are very rude.