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Answer Discussion question thoroughly .


1. What is organizational performance and what is its relationship with efficiency and effectiveness?

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2. Define personality traits. What are the Big Five personality traits?


3. Does the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) cover AIDS? Why are employers sometimes reluctant to hire these individuals? What should employers do about this?


4. Explain briefly a task environment. What effect does it have on managers?

(It is not mandatory for you to respond to two of your classmates. Explain your answer with details. Mastery is the key.)






This is a group assignment and I got assigned to write a half a paper or so on Public Relations.


Group’s Assignment


The corporate world has latched onto the Pike Place Fish Market’s “concepts” and “philosophy,” and uses the market to inspire and motivate employees. Slinging salmon has been elevated to fish philosophy. Fish philosophy has four simple tenets: Play. Have a little fun at work. Make their day. Engage customers. Make them part of the fun. Be there.

Analyze why this corporation is thriving in their industry. Why is having a business philosophy important? Explain in depth and details.

Your group assignment should be at least a four page document, but no more than five full pages. You should be able to respond critically incorporating methods and strategies from text readings as well.

Make sure your paper have the following:

·       Cover Sheet with participants and non-participants listed

·       12 point font

·       Indented paragraphs

·       Citation(s) if needed

·       Grammar and spelling

·       Double-spaced paragraphs

·       Reference Page

·       APA formatted (Entire Paper)

 On the first page, write all group members names and indicate who participated (P) and who did not (NP) (i.e. Jane Doe (NP); John Doe (P).

Submit your document in the File Exchange Folder. Do not submit any drafts in this folder, only the final paper should be submitted in the File Exchange folder. Use your group’s discussion board to collaborate and submit drafts of your paper there.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me in Blackboard.

Prof. Blackman



A corporate philosophy distills your beliefs about your business and explains your vision for your organization. It’s also a road map for you and your employees: The vision set out in your corporate philosophy can affect every aspect of your small business, from customer service to marketing to management style.


A clear philosophy creates a corporate culture by establishing common values, according to the book “Transformations of Corporate Culture: Experiences of Japanese Enterprises,” by Toyohiro Kono and Stewart Clegg. A philosophy lays out the mission of your organization, letting your employees know why you are in business and how they should approach their roles in your organization.



An effective corporate philosophy orients your company toward clear objectives. Perhaps you dream of running a company that puts environmental sustainability at the forefront. Maybe your goal is to show consumers that locally made products can outperform mass-produced goods. Whatever your goal, your corporate philosophy can explain it in a way that allows employees and managers to align their activities toward achieving that objective.


A good corporate philosophy can establish the ethical code of your organization. For example, if you believe a company should be honest with its customers at all costs, you can announce that in your corporate philosophy statement. The idea is to set up a thought paradigm for your employees to operate within. If honesty is your policy, for instance, that ethic should pervade all your employees’ interactions with customers, including advertisements, sales events, product literature and customer service.

Public Relations

Your corporate philosophy is also a message to the public. It lets people know what your corporation stands for and what type of service they can expect. In this sense, your corporate philosophy can function as a marketing tool to build your brand identity. The more your company’s actions fall in line with its corporate philosophy, the stronger your brand identity will be.


Your corporate philosophy can take many forms, from a short credo to a long statement, depending on your needs. Whatever type you choose, keep it concise and specific. The goal is to help people quickly see how your company thinks and directs itself.