True and false | Information Systems homework help

1. In China, business tends to be more personal.( )

2. Over the last four years, the weakened U.S. economy has had a devastating impact on small business.( )

3. The outer layer, the general environment, is widely dispersed and affects organizations directly.( )

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4. Toyota’s response to recent events like the global economic downturn and the deadly tusnami in Japan was to create a more efficiency driven culture with their focus turned to improve their internal environment instead of outward.( )

5. Current employees, management, and especially corporate culture are part of an organization’s internal environment.( )
6. McDonalds, Burger King, and Checkers are competitors since all three sell fast food to individuals.( )

7. The labor market is made up by people in the environment who can be hired to work for an organization.( )

8. Labor market forces affecting organizations right now include the growing need for computer-literate knowledge workers and the necessity for continuous investment in human resources through recruitment, education, and training.( )

9. If Johnson Lumber provides trees for Westvaco Paper Manufacturing, then Johnson Lumber is considered a supplier for Westvaco.( )

10. According to Manager’s Shoptalk in chapter 3, one of the rules of doing business in China is remembering that relationships are short-term.( )

11. The sociocultural dimension of the general environment includes societal norms and values.( )

12. An example of part of the legal-political dimension of the general environment is a government’s report on the decline of unemployment rate.( )

13. More organizations are requiring all employees to perform boundary-spanning because environmental shifts can happen quickly.( )

14. Competitive intelligence professionals are really just in-house snoops who obtain information about other companies.( )

15. A joint venture involves a strategic alliance or program by two or more organizations.( )

16. Culture can be defined as the ability to speak different languages.( )

17. Physical symbols are associated with the surface level of organizational culture.( )

18. A narrative based on events within the organization that is frequently repeated is called an organizational story.( )

19. The mythical sales representative at Robinson Jewelers who delivered a wedding ring directly to the church because the ring had been ordered late is an example of a hero.( )

20. In determining what cultural values are important for the organization, managers should consider the external environment as well as the company’s strategy and goals.( )

21. An achievement culture is found in an environment that is dynamic and requires high-risk decision-making.( )

22. The consisteancy culture has an external focus and a consistency orientation for a dynamic environment.( )

23. Corporate culture plays a key role in creating an organizational climate that enables learning and innovative responses to threats from the external environment, challenging new opportunities, or organizational crises.( )
24. In a high performance culture, organizations put high emphasis on both culture and solid business performance as drivers of organizational success.( )

25. Companies in Quadrant D put high emphasis on both culture and solid business performance as drivers of organizational success.( )

26. The cultural leader articulates a vision for the organizational culture that employees can believe in and that generates excitement.( )