The sources are in pdf please do not ignore any attachment ata kama


the sources are in pdf

please do not ignore any attachment ata kama ni kupitia tu  

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Select any ONE of the primary sources discussed in class(I will upload later). Craft an argument that explains the strengths and weaknesses of this particular source in understanding the historical period in which it was created. What precautions or strategies should a historian employ in using this source? Be specific. While you may use other sources from class to contextualize your source, most of your discussion and citations should be from the primary source you have selected.


Formulate a clear analytical thesis that responds to the question posed above. Please use the evidence discussed in class and in the readings during weeks 1-3 to back up your argument (I will upload later).

You are encouraged to formulate your argument using only the class readings. You are being evaluated on the basis of your ability to read and analyze these sources closely.

5 page papers, double spaced, one inch margins. NO plagiarism.

Hi, these is the paper instruction and three primary sources. Plz read the instruction first. and you only need to choose one of the three sources, and they are not long. So plz plz read the whole file before write .Thank you!!

and i just want to clarify that the paper should not summarize the primary source. It should be analytical and focus on answering the questions and express your own views. And no outside sources. Thank you!

also, the paper should have a clear analytical thesis that responds to the question posed. and these are class powerpoints and a class reading that may help you to write. The other two primary source you did not choose also can be used as a source to back up your argument. Thank you!