The paper is a career research & educational assessment paper

 It needs to be about 4 pages and a reference page Overall, the goal of this assignment is to explore in detail two different career paths of your choice. Notably, you CANNOT compare to tantamount vocational options such “LPN vs RN” and/or “Nurse Practitioner.” The value of comparing two different vocations is that something might intrigue that is not find in the other. This will encourage you to evaluate how important the presence or absence of this factor is to you. Also, comparing two options will (a) give you the confidence that you have made your decision rationally, using good information and (b) inform you of another potential career trajectory. Complete STEPS 1-5 for each career option, individually. Then, complete STEPS 6-7 for both careers together. In general, attempt to locate info that deviates from the mundane and stereotypical endeavors associated with your prospective profession. The purpose of the assignment is to explore the career field(s) that you are interested in and to analyze the best option in relation to your interests, abilities, skills, and goals Part I: Introduction: Personal Assessment. In this introductory section of your paper, explain how you came to decide on this career for your research. *What is the occupation title and brief desсrіption of the profession? *What played a significant factor in your career decision-making process? *Did someone inspire you to follow this career path? *Has this always been your ideal career? If not, what changed? *Do you have any previous experience or endeavors may be complementary to help you be successful in this profession? *Are there specific personality types, working style, or skills required for and/or commonly associated with this occupation? *Outline why you think this career is a match with your personality, interests, working style, and/or values.If you are unsure, try to think of what draws you to this career. Notably, the career you chose to research may or may not live up to parts of your ideal and/or be your career fantasy. Part II: Educational Requirements & Training In this section, research and detail the education, experience, licenses and skills necessary for the career. Notably, most of this info may be located via Bureau of Labor Statistics, O*Net, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Career One Stop, etc. to make sure there is a need for you in the future! *What level of education and/or training is required in the field, at the entry level? *What additional training or credential required for advancement in the profession? *Provide insight and information on both the formal and informal (unwritten) rules/norms of entry into this profession. *What majors are recommended? What are related occupations for this career? *What should an individual supposedly be good at in order to do this job? Part III: Nature of Work *What does a routine day in the life look like for an individual in this profession? *Describe the day-to-day endeavors of a member of this chosen career? *Provide insight and information on both the formal and informal (unwritten) professional duties and responsibilities. *Which career responsibilities are the most interesting to you? Why? *Are there different career paths one might take? *What are related occupations for this career? *Provide a desсrіption of the typical work environment of the profession. *What kind of work environment would you prefer actually? *What do you prospectively like and dislike about this occupation? *How do your inventories and temperament (i.e. personality, values) impact your possible career choice? Part IV: Describe the Profession Today. In this section, you may want to include a brief history of your career choice here. Is what you enjoy doing viable as a career? Is there market demand for the profession you love – both the present as well as the future demand. *What is the typical pay? (include both the national and local average income and salary range) *How important is salary to you? Is “quantity of life” more important to you than the “quality of life”? Or is it the other way around? *What is the job outlook? (e.g.What are the growth opportunities?How easy/difficult will it be to find a job? Is the field growing? Need for people in this field?) *What are some current issues or changes in this field? *What are the concerns of professional on-the-job today? -Notably, you may need to find professional journals related to your profession (or maybe talk to someone in the profession). Discuss at least two issues *How will employment trends impact your chosen field? *What further advice and/or career advisement would like to receive or need in relation to this profession? Part V: Attaining Career Dream & Plan: Getting From Here to There. *What do you need to do to get into this career? *How far will you have to take your education to attain your career dream? *What are prospective undergraduate schools, at least two, you could attend? And Why there? *What are prospective graduate schools, at least two, you could attend? And Why there? *Outline the steps you will take such as specifics on transfer institutions, possible employers, navigating the process. *What are the major (internal and external) obstacles you anticipate on your career path? How will you overcome them? *What are some resources you can utilize to help you be successful and/or get to the career finish line? Part VI: Career Comparison & Conclusion In this section, you compare and contrast the two vocational endeavors. Weigh the pros and cons of each. *What is your definition of success as per values, priorities, preferences inter alia, etc? *Describe your vision for your possible future in this professions. What will your professional life look like after 20 years? -This question is about your sense of the opportunities for personal growth and advancement available in these prospective careers. Part VII: Works Cited. For every resource you use, provide a citation in APA format.