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Final Research Report:

Write a brief research report (up to about 7 pages, not including title page, abstract, and references), based on an analysis of the data file. Choose a hypothesis, cite at least three references to justify your hypothesis, test your hypothesis with an analysis of the DATA540.SAV file, 

and then report and discuss the results. Your results should include both descriptive and inferential statistics.  Please make sure your report is submitted by the due date to ensure ample time for mentor feedback, and possible integration of feedback and revision if necessary.

This report is due in Week 7.

Use APA format, including an introduction, abstract, method, results, and discussion section. An outline of this format can be found at:

For more detailed information, refer to the instructions for the Research Report Assignment that is located under the course Resources tab.
Assignment Outcomes

Assess the concepts underlying appropriate use of various research methodologies 

Analyze how to recognize the inappropriate or deceptive use of research methodology 

Compare/contrast the basic assumptions underlying various statistical operations Summarize the consequences of using various methodological approaches Differentiate between the appropriate and inappropriate application and interpretation of research methods and statistics  

Demonstrate ethical behavior in the use of technology