Statistical process control methods | Accounting homework help


Select a complex continuous process from your personal life or work.
The process can be the same as in Week 1 assignment. However, you
need ratio level data to complet this project, and you may not be able to
get data for this assignment from your week 1 selection. No problem–
Use the data provided below related to race car speeds.
Complete the following:
• Use Microsoft® Excel® to calculate the defined process metrics
including variation and process capability. Specifically, to define the
variation and process capablity, calculate three statistics for the data
collected to include the Mean, Median, Mode, Range, and Standard
deviation of the data.
• Supplemental notes will include how I would like you to use Excel to
complete the statistical calculations of the mean, median, mode,
Range, and Standard deviation of the data provided here:
• Data: Speed of Race Car #10 for the final six laps of an auto race
• Speeds: 202, 199, 198, 200, 197, 199 (In miles per hour)

Evaluate the process metrics using Statistical Process Control (SPC)
methods, specifically use of Excel to calculate the statistics Mean,
Median, Mode, Range, and Standard deviation.

Deliverable: No paper due. submit an excel file showing the statistical
calculations asked for above.