Starting out with control structures: program challenges in c++ by


Starting out with Control Structures: Program challenges in C++ by Tony Gaddis

This problem was adapted from questions 9 and 10 on page 661

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Write a program that keeps track of a speakers’ bureau. The program should use a structure to store the following data about a speaker:

Name, Telephone Number, Speaking Topic, Fee Required. The program should use a vector of structures. It should let the user enter data into the vector, change the contents of any element, and display all the data stored in the vector. The program should have a menu-driven user interface. Input Validation: When the data for a new speaker is entered, be sure the user enters data for all the fields. No negative amounts should be entered for a speaker’s fee.

In addition: add a function to the program that allows the user to search for a speaker on a particular topic. It should accept a key word as an argument then search the vector for a structure with that key word in the Speaking Topic field. All structures that match should be displayed. If no structure matches, a message saying so should be displayed. Hint: use the .find() string function to search the Speaking Topic field.