Sci/163t: elements of health and wellness wk 5 discussion – factors | SCI163 Elements Of Health And Wellness | University of Phoenix


The initial post is due on Wednesday and needs to be a minimum of 175 words. 

There are multiple components that contribute to overall well-being, including exercise and nutrition. 

Week 5 questions:

  • From the readings this week, the importance of physical activity was discussed. 
  • What are the various types of exercise? 
  • How much exercise is recommended as stated in the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans? 
  • Are Americans meeting these guidelines? If not, why not?  
  • What are the some of the many benefits of physical activity for our health? 
  • Can physical activity prevent chronic disease? How?
  • How does nutrition impact our mental health – our mood, behavior and brain functions? What are some particular nutrients (macronutrients, vitamins, minerals) that should be avoided or increased to improve our mental health?