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1st post respond minium 65 words

There are many advantages to defining standard units in terms of intrinsic physical phenomena rather than artifacts. Some of these advantages are that the standard units allow humans to describe, order, and measure nature’s laws, which are descriptions of the universe. Humans do not create such principles. However, those natural laws created by man allows them the understanding of their surroundings. Another advantage of defining standard units is that the standard units help scientists express and compare measured values in replicable experiments. These exact measurements could not be obtained if scientists would rely on or include artifacts in their investigations. Such analyses may not be reproducible and then impossible to verify its credibility. With the implementation of the standard units, scientists allow verification in theories helping unveil a natural law to understand our surroundings and, thus, the vast universe.  An example of standard units might be considered in the auto-repair mechanic shop. Some engines are calibrated using the metric system, and some others are calibrated using the British system.   

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2nd Post respond Minimum 65 words

There are several advantages when it comes to defining standard units. When you use standard units you can easily convert your measurements because it is predetermined. It is also predetermined so you can get accurate information like your weight for instance. With artifacts the are not predetermined and they are not as accurate When you use artifacts they are not predetermined like standard units. A example of predetermined is clocks and thermometers. For artifacts due to it not being predetermined you have things like the spectrometers which is the tool that is used an to measuring the wave length and frequency. These are thing that we could not use our 5 human senses on for instance we can not accurately measure the frequency.