Research paper: task difficulty and incubation

Research paper: Task difficulty and Incubation


This paper is an APA format write up of your project. This will include a title page, abstract,

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introduction, methods, results, discussion, and references. Your introduction should be a minimum of

2 pages (double spaced, not including abstract and title page) but can be longer if you wish. Your

introduction should have 3 or 4 references to previous literature.

Your discussion should be a minimum of 2 pages (double spaced, not including references or appendix)

but can also be longer. Ten points per page will be deducted for being short. This includes missing half

pages and such but will be scaled. There is no required length for your method and results. Just make sure

you provide enough detail we would need to replicate, and all the relevant stats.

For Results section; Mention the mean(it’s below), Standard deviation, t-test, F-test(df1 and df2) and p-


Infos about my experiment

Number of participants;- 7 (all of them are students)

In this experiment, I’m looking at Task Difficulty and the effect of incubation period(Look at the

experiment please-another file).

– How is this manipulated/measured? Participants’ attempts will be measured by looking at if the

participant answered the riddle correctly on the 1st attempt or 2nd attempt which is after the

incubation period, because after the break, participants had 2nd attempt on the same questions.

– Incubation is as a within subjects variable.

– Independent Variable:- Incubation

Dependent variable:- Number of Trials(whether the participant got the right answer on the 1 st

trial or 2 nd which is after incubation)

– Mean of “Before Incubation” :- 6.57

Mean of “After Incubation” :- 9.43