Reflection (frr) | Management homework help

Appreciative inquiry is a technique for leading change that involves individuals, teams, or the entire organization, reinforcing positive messages and focusing on learning from success. At home, while I study, my mother does the housework, my father goes to work, and my sister and niece spend the day doing various things around the house. The problem we have is that my mom is the only one who cleans the house, she is always tired and many times we have fights because of it. To avoid all the hassle, I would create a weekly plan for who cleans what day. I know this will help us live in peace.

As a family, we can augment solutions by brainstorming and thinking about how we can address the problem. Two or more heads are better than one. Moreover, since finding a better solution affects everyone in the house, everyone has to be involved in every decision.

Write a 200 words Reflection on this work? (write it in first person)

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