Re: module four homework project problem

Welcome to Module Four – Data and Process Modeling

The next phase in the project development cycle is to develop a logical model of the system based on the system requirements.  The first step is about the “what” step.  We need to show what the system will do, without worrying about how it will do it.  Various graphical tools can be used to describe the system, including DFDs or Data Flow Diagrams.

This week, the goal is to examine data and process modeling techniques.  You will then explore a logical model reflecting what the system must do and not how the system will be physically implemented.

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The learning objective of this week are:

  • Illustrate a logical data model
  • Assess other data models with feedback
  • Assemble a project plan

Class, make sure to read the fifth chapter of the textbook.   There are two assignments this week.  First a homework activity based on a section found at the end of Chapter 5 in your textbook, reference Mini Case 2 and Mini Case 3.  Then, you need to turn in your Project Plan, as your Final Project Milestone #2.  For additional details, please refer to the Module Four Homework Activity Guidelines and Rubric document in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics section of the course.


The book can be downloaded from any torrent site or can I upload the reading if you need it. The name of the book is Rosenblat- System Design and analysis 10th edition. I have uploaded the Rubics