Race and ethnic relations in the u.s.a.

For various reasons, anytime the issue of race and ethnic relation comes up, some students are quick to shutdown the discussion by saying “Oh, but that is in the past.” Maybe so, but not in a sociology course. Just the same, in this assignment you are to look at the present–our immediate history making in say the last 20 years for your topic.

  • Identify a social condition of a named social group in the Race and Ethnic Structure in the U.S.
  • Explain why the social condition should be elevated to the status of a Social Problem. (See chapter 1 to refresh your memory)
  • Drawing on at least 2 empirical supporting evidence of the sources of the human condition, explain why the social condition should be elevated the status of a Social Problem.
  • Propose a policy solution to address the social problem, and how it would benefit the society.

2-3 paragraphs 

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