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One of the most interesting things I learned when I became a teacher,  is that teaching something is a great way to really learn something.  The next best is trying to come up with questions that ask people to  demonstrate their understanding of something, and then helping them to  find the best answer.

This assignment asks you to decide what some of the important  concepts from each of our 3 modules (fiction, poetry, and art) were, and  then to write your own test questions about them. You will also be  asked to write explanations for why you choose what you choose along the  way. One way to think of this assignment would be as an answer to the  question, “If I were to test you on what you have learned about the main  concepts from each of our modules, what would that test look like, what  would the best answers be, and why would those be good answers?”

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For each of our three modules do the following:


fiction(Plot, Character, Setting, Point of View, Symbolism, Theme, Style, Tone, and Irony)

poetry(Word Choice, Word Order, and Tone, Images, Symbol, Allegory, and Irony, Sounds, Patterns of Rhythm)

Art(The Appeal of Art, The Aims of Art, Style and the Formal Elements of Art, The Themes of Art, Approaches to Art, Arguing About Art)

  1. Choose two important concepts for each of the three modules. For  your concepts, you might consider the formal elements of fiction, poetry  and art that we have examined, a particular “approach” or “perspective”  from which one might approach a creative work (such as formalism,  history/biography, reader respones, etc.), or some other concept that  you feel was important.    
  2. Write a short paragraph describing your two concepts for each of  the three modules, and explain breifly why the concept is important.    
  3. For each concept, write an exam question that asks someone to define, and/or use the concept.   
  4. Provide the correct answer to your question, along with an  explanation of why it is the correct answer. If there were other  options—if your question is multiple choice for instance—explain why  the other choices are incorrect.    

When you are finished you should have 6 concepts, each with an  explanatory paragraph, an exam question, a correct answer to the exam  question, and an explanation for why the answer is correct, and why  other options (if there are any) are not the best answer, or are  incorrect. Please submit your assignment by clicking on the “Course  Project” title above.