Project 3 | business management | Blackfeet Community College

Deadline 15 hours from now

Go to simulation reports they are complete

Use the previous round reports you will find them on the simulation reports for project 3

Once they login and go the reports they will see two sets of reports. One for previous round and one for current round. Project 3 is the previous round so you will use the previous round reports for this paper

1250 words in total 

In the Capsim simulation you were responsible for marketing decisions. You provided a brief explanation of your decisions and showed how they effected your company’s performance. It would have been valuable if you had supported your post with some specific data/numbers.

You submitted a well written report. All questions were discussed but with varying levels of detail and support. It would have been beneficial if you had originated your responses to several questions from the team’s perspective rather than your own (as marketing manager). Better explanation of the reasons (your team’s decisions) that resulted in stockouts in rounds 1 & 2 would have been a plus. Your response to question 5 doesn’t look adequate. You should have focused better on an explanation of the decisions that effected your revenue in round 1. Please don’t forget that we follow APA style for references. It means that you should have numbered your report pages and provided proper references in your text and in the reference list (in particular, to your simulation reports).

Overall, in spite of some shortcomings, you demonstrated good understanding of project 3 topics and earned a grade of “meets performance requirements”. Congratulations!

Let me know if you have questions,

P.S. I would like to encourage you to address the above-mentioned issues in your analysis report and in your post about your contribution to the team and resubmit them in an attempt to improve your grade.