Project 2: making decisions that are legal and ethical


Feedback for Project 2: Making Decisions That Are Legal and Ethical

Submission Feedback

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Hi, I’ve now reviewed your Turnip Plaza report and it is in the MP range as it is, and you need to resubmit if you need higher grade. In terms of improvement, the biggest omissions are in the Legal Theories Section.  While you rightly address the breach of contract theory, you omitted consideration of the statute of frauds and its requirement that contracts that cannot be completed in a year must be in writing.  You also did not consider promissory estoppel or its elements, which acts as an exception to the statute of frauds.  You did an overall nice job on remedies, ethics, and your citation is overall good.  The last section should be recommendations about what the company should do in light of your legal and ethical analysis.  Overall, solid work here.  Contact me with any questions.