Problem investigation | Information Systems homework help

To give you a sense of real-world context, the problem in this course is set in a hypothetical organization. The problem has been carefully crafted to prompt learning in the areas of virtuous leadership and global-based teams. 

You work for an organization that believes in shared responsibility and teamwork. Your organization is also on the front lines of innovative work and dealing with issues around the globe. 

You and a select group of colleagues have been asked to create a task force to address critical issues in your organization. You have never worked together before. You are a global-based team comprised of colleagues who are not centrally located. Your organization’s leaders strive to be a virtuous business and expect this task force to demonstrate virtuous leadership and implement this model in its work. 

The Problem

A task force that functions efficiently, virtuously, and globally must be established for your organization.

Investigating the Problem

Since the problem has already been identified, you and your PBL team must work together to investigate the problem. You must work collectively and individually to conduct an investigation of what is known about establishing an efficient, virtuous, and global task force in an organization. Each member of the team must contribute to the investigation process and the deliverable. This investigation will build off of your prior knowledge and experiences. Remember that you are not trying to solve the problem yet.

Consider the following questions to begin your investigation:

  • What tools and resources have you used for teamwork in the past?