Political science questions | Political Science homework help

1- Throughout the world, Regimes have established themselves that directly contradict the way the Constitution of the United States establishes and upholds the government.  This has often brought the United States into other nations affairs. Should the U.S. become involved, if so, why? If not, why? 

2 – Political culture and Public Opinion often overlap, however, there are clear distinctions between them.  Discuss how they are both similar and uniquely different. 

3 – Mass Media has played an ever-more prominent role in American politics of modern times.  Discuss the role of Mass Media such as television, news sources, and social networks in politics.  Then discuss whether you see the use of mass media as a positive or negative addition to politics and why?

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4 – Political parties began in the United States with the initial founding of the country.  Discuss the role of political parties within the United States and politics.

5 – Checks and balances were considered necessary at the creation of the Three Branch System of the United States government.  Discuss why it would be important to check and balance each branch of government and does this concept continue to be useful in modern times. 

6 – As we explore the concept of violence and revolution with regards to governments.  Discuss what causes political systems to break down and why?

I need one reference for each question.