Please answer all the following question!


Please answer the following questions after studying chapters 4&5 of our textbook. Do not use other internet sources for your answers.

1. On what level of Maslow’s Hierarchy  of Needs would you place each of the following decisions and WHY: (a)  buying health insurance, (b) going skiing, (c) following a low-fat diet?

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2. Describe in your own words the terms GOGNITIVE DISSONANCE and DECISION FREEDOM. Describe  an example (from yourself, relative, or friend) of cognitive dissonance  after making the decision of attending a health care service, and  another example applying decision freedom in selecting health care  services.

3. Which are the five steps included in Marketing Research? List and briefly describe each one. 

4. What is the sampling method and which are the five choices it is dependent on.