Planning a public relations campaign — uber company

Hi, please read this instruction carefully.

this is a group project Public Relations compaign of Uber company, I will post the requirement of this research paper later. 

we need to do a Campaign plan, how to build and improve the company’s image since Uber had plenty of negative issues happened in recent years. 

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 e. The Campaign Plan , we select the model “R-A-C-E” To conduct this public relations Compaign,  based on book (The practice of public relatons, 13th edition)

  • R  – Research (Candy) – finds out about the situations facing your organization, how they came about, who is involved in them, how they relate to your organization’s goals, and how you – as a public relations practitioner – can maximize the benefit and/or minimize the harm they might do.

→ Look up which issues have been negatively affecting Uber’s image. We already have a somewhat idea of what that may be such as the safety, reckless driving, etc,.

  • A  – Action – uses your research findings to determine the best course of action, plan your response, and then implement these plans. Some RACE proponents call this step “Assessment” instead of action, but they invariably include the same activities.

This will be the polling on Twitter on which issues concern Uber’s customers the most and which social media account is most popular in order to address these problems on said platform.


E  – Evaluation   analyzes what’s been done during the first three steps to see how it affected your publics and their perception of your organization. Once this step is completed, you return to the research step and begin the process again.


and I (You) will need to do the “Evaluation” of the plan based on what three others do and make sure the this campaign runs well, (if not, how can this company do something else instead…)

please read the attachment that include my other group members’ contents-Research– Action–Communication, and to write an evaluation.