Physical science | Physics homework help

In preparation for your Signature Assignment and Presentation using PowerPoint slides in week 9, select a topic that is related to Physical Science.  The signature Assignment will be divided into three parts. 

  1. First, the introduction will introduce your topic, why it is considered important, and the consequences,  if any, if not addressed.  This part 1 will be due in week 5.  
  2. Part 2 is the meat of your Signature Assignment. The three subcategories that Part 2 should address should be:

             a.  PESTEL issue (political, economic, strategic, technology, educational, and Legal) ramifications. 
             b.  Analysis (qualitative or quantitative (preferred)
             c.  Resulting potential solutions

            Include charts, graphs, pictorial depictions of the problem.
            Part 2 will be due in week six.

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        3.  Recommendations and Conclusions.  The driver for this third section should be the analysis, theme, and the research conducted in part 2.   Part 3 will be due in week 7.

       4.  All three parts will be turned in week 8 for final review, evaluation, and scoring.  Prepare an 8-10 PowerPoint Slide brief which will include a title page slide, an agenda slide, the meat of the brief consisting of the three parts of your paper.  The brief should include speaker notes, in-text citations, and a reference page.
When each of the parts is turned in, I will read, evaluate, and provide comments back as feedback. The feedback should be a source for each student to improve your paper and your brief so that the final paper and PowerPoint slide presentation should be nearly perfect. Both the final Signature Assignment course paper and PowerPoint slides will be turned in for final scoring in week 9.

Posted my part 1, now need the part 2