Phil w8 discuss | Philosophy homework help


For this last discussion, choose one of the philosophers/thinkers from this week’s readings and apply that person’s ideas to your own life. Specifically:

1. Explain which reading you are focusing on. Briefly summarize.

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2. Are these ideas a challenge to you, or are they reinforcing what you already believe? What is your first reaction when encountering new ideas?

3. Explain what you have learned about yourself this semester. It could be from this class, another class, your job, relationships, etc. Are you the same person you were? Are you different? Are you more of yourself?

4. (optional) Is there anything you have learned from your classmates that you want to share with them or thank them for?

350 words minimum

Link to textbook

  Words of Wisdom: Intro to Philosophy | OER Commons 

Topics for the week with page numbers

49. Martin Luther King Jr

61. Neil deGrasse Tyson

63. Elie Wiesel, interview with Bill Moyers

64. Stephen Colbert, from The Colbert Report