Persuasive essay – 1page (due 6hrs) / reflective letter – 1page/

Persuasive Essay

In a five-paragraph essay, convince your audience the dangers of video games. In your essay, you will have three body paragraphs, explaining to and convincing your audience about the dangers.

Reflective Letter

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Reflective Letter

1. FORMAT and CONTENT: More than one page but no more than two pages. (Block method-typed, single spaced paragraphs, but double spaced between paragraphs in Times New Roman 12). Sample-on page 3

2. Address (On the top left-hand corner of your paper)

Your address




Committee Address:

The Portfolio Committee

Department of English, Humanities, Visual and Performing Arts

Baltimore City Community College

2901 Liberty Heights Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21215


a. Salutation: Dear Portfolio Committee:


b. Paragraph One: Tell the reader about your academic (school related) – finish with a 3.5/4 GPA and career (job related)  – be a nurse practitioner goals and the way in which RENG 92 has assisted you in working towards achieving these goals.


c. Paragraph Two: Assess your progress as a writer (strengths and weaknesses).  Which writing skills have you mastered? How do you feel about revision? Did you not understand something before taking your writing class that you now understand? etc.


d. Paragraph Three: Assess your strengths and weaknesses as a student. (Have you become more punctual? Are you more organized? Do you interact with others better? Do you communicate better? Are you more self-reliant? Do you know how to access tutorial services? Has your test anxiety decreased? etc.


e. Paragraph Four Discuss in detail your best writing.  Why do you consider it your best piece of writing?  Explain how it represents you as a student writer.


f. Paragraph Five:  Thank the committee for the opportunity to present your portfolio. Offer the committee a means of contacting you should the committee have any questions. Don’t forget to include the pledge (see #2 above).


3. To conclude with a signed handwritten statement: 

“I pledge that the writings included in this portfolio are my own.”


4. Closing:  


Your Signature

Print your name