Personal progress project 1.think about an aspect of your life that



1.Think about an aspect of your life that you would like to change, improve,correct. Etc.

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2.Rate your level of motivation to change in this area of your life on a scale of0 -10 with 10 being the “most highly motivated” and 0 being “not motivated at all.”

3.Develop a “measurable goal” (i.e., I’d like to exercise ___ minutes/day; I would like to be smoke-free for ___ days;I’d like to spend ____ minutes/day with my spouse/children; etc.)

4.Develop a specific strategy that you will use to reach your goal.

5.Over the course of 4 days, I would like for you to collect observable data (i.e., table, graph, chart, etc) of your behavior change.(1 PAGE GRAPH/CHART/TABLE)

6.Write a 1 page paper about your experience and how it felt to do this activity. Be sure to respond to each of the items above & the following:Why this goal is important to you?What were your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors throughout this activity?How important was your level of motivation in your progress towards your goal?What things worked, what things did not work?What adjustments did you make?Total Project = 2 pages.

more details in the attached file