Organizational behavior discussion #3 | Management homework help

Describe the “Nature and Importance of Motivation” according to the textbook.


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Maria Hernandez

Motivation is related to mental states and psychological factors in general. This can vary from one person to another and can also increase or decrease at any time in the same person, but the more motivated a person is, the better the results of whatever they are doing. Chapter 5 of the textbook defines it as a set of factors that cause people to adopt specific behaviors instead of other alternatives. Motivation is essential to achieve good performance in the workplace. That managers make an effort to keep workers motivated guarantees efficiency and positive results for the organization.

Laura Garcia Rodriguez

In Chapter 5 of the textbook, motivation is defined as the set of forces that cause people to engage in one behavior rather than another. In a work setting, some people might be motivated to work harder than others. For example, somebody building a business is motivated to grow that business by working hard and therefore puts all the necessary hours to ensure the good functioning of all operations. On the other hand, someone without a motivation to succeed or who feels discouraged by the work environment might not perform at his/her best. Motivation is important to the success of an organization since it engages employees with the organization’s mission and boosts their performance. Managers must ensure that employees are motivated, that they have the ability to perform their job effectively, and that the environment takes care of their needs to perform well their tasks. Motivation, ability, and environment are crucial factors for employees to increase their performance and feel encouraged to contribute even more to the success of the organization.