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After  completing the chapter reading, students should answer the questions at  the end of each chapter.  (Assignment time expectation: 1-2 hours) What is Art? What are the key traits that define creativity? What are some ways that art relates to reality? What is the difference between looking and seeing? What are six functions that art fulfills? What separates commentary from self-expression in art? What needs does commemorative art meet? What type of art might a ruler use to encourage allegiance? —————————————– After reviewing the required reading and course notes, students should  then submit an image of an artwork or inspiring photograph taken or seen  within the last year. Describe why the image was selected/admired.  Respond to at least two peer submissions (one response should pose a  question about the image, the second response should be a response to  question posed by a different peer) furthering the discussion on the  purpose or function of the artwork. All artwork submitted should include  proper citation in MLA format.  Please use the following source as a  guide:  http://www.bibme.org/citation-guide/mla/photograph