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3.4.5 ProjectWho Are You in a Networked World?


Media Literacy (S2318458)


Points possible: 50

Date: ____________




For this assignment, you’ll create the “ultimate profile” for an imagined social media website in which you express who you are and how you connect in a networked world. In your profile, include ways you use social media in a typical day, what media you use or would like to use to represent yourself online, your stance on privacy, and how you see yourself in relation to at least one local or global group or community. 

Your final presentation should include at least two to three paragraphs of written text and at least one other kind of media (such as images or video). The final format is up to you — use your media knowledge and imagination, and have fun with this project!


In this lesson and throughout the unit, you’ve looked at how the Internet allows you to express yourself and connect with other people in a variety of ways. Now put that knowledge to use as you design your “ultimate profile.” 

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind:

  • Reflect on how you currently use the Internet and social media and use that information to guide the design of your profile. For example, is most of your online time spent “hanging out” (connecting with friends, sending messages, or creating events)? Do you spend a lot of time “messing around” online (checking out music, videos, or new apps)? Do you use the Internet for “geeking out” (learning everything you can about certain topics and connecting with others who share similar obsessions)? What kind of profile would help you do more of what you already like to do online?
  • What media could you include in your profile to express different aspects of your life, interests, and personality to others? For example, will you post photos or videos on your profile, and will there be a theme? Will you include music or other audio? Will you include writing such as blogs, updates, or comics? Use your imagination here — you can go beyond anything you’ve seen before, designing the “ultimate profile” you’d like to see in the future.
  • Consider your own feelings about online privacy and decide how that will affect your profile. For example, will anyone searching for your name be able to find your profile and check it out online? Are there certain parts you want to share only with friends? Are there parts you hope will attract a large audience?
  • How will your profile connect to at least one local or global group or community? For example, is there a community you identify with or are interested in that you would like to feature in some way on your profile — such as a cultural group, people in your neighborhood, a team you belong to, or a group dedicated to a certain cause? You might create a separate profile page for this group linking to your own, make a chat forum for this community, or make a photo album celebrating the group.
  • Include at least two to three paragraphs of written text and at least one media element in your final presentation to appeal to your audience and show your creativity. Consider what images you’ll include, the overall look or feel of the design, and what details you’ll need to explain through written text. Your final presentation may have a physical format (for example, a drawing or a poster) or a digital format (a video, a blog, or a PowerPoint).

Read each question and evaluate your work. If the answer to the question is yes, check the box to the left. If the answer is no, go back and revise your work. Your teacher will use these same guiding questions to score your “ultimate profile.”

Quality of Ideas (35 points)

Did I demonstrate an understanding of the assignment by: (20 points)
  Thinking critically about the ways I already use the Internet and social media to inform my profile design?
  Thinking critically about which media to include in my profile to help me best express different aspects of my life, interests, and personality?
  Thinking critically about my own views about privacy and designing my profile to reflect these ideas?
  Designing my profile to connect to at least one local or global group or community?
  Coming up with a relevant format to present my ideas for my profile?
Did I demonstrate an ability to think creatively by: (15 points)
  Using my imagination as well as my understanding of social media to include creative details in my profile design?
  Having fun with my final presentation by creating something new and unexpected?

Form, Presentation, and Style (15 points)

Did I follow presentation requirements by:
  Including at least 2 to 3 paragraphs of written text and at least one other media element (such as images, video, etc.)?
  Checking for spelling and grammatical errors in my writing, and organizing my media in a neat and thoughtful way?
  Using an appropriate tone throughout the project?

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