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In the previous unit, you were asked to identify the terrorist organization that you considered to be the most dangerous to Americans and American interests. For this discussion, identify at least two ways that you think we may prevent attacks from that organization or individual. What resources will be required to prevent these attacks? 


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Terrorism threats have continued to surface ever since the 9/11 attack. Al Qaeda continues to be a threat to the American nation and its close affiliates. Various agencies such as Homeland have been on the forefront to detecting and thwarting attacks before they happen (White, 2016). It however, the responsibility of each citizen to ensure that they help keep the nation safe. There are several measures that can be taken to prevent any future terrorist attacks by the AL Qaeda.

The American government’s security procedures should be strengthened to safeguard individuals and organizations that may become targets of attacks (White, 2016). This decreases the likelihood of terrorist attacks. And in the event of an attack, the country is prepared to mitigate the consequences. This posture of preparation is necessary for preventing future assaults.

Terrorists undergo radicalized before resorting to violence. Teachers and youth workers should attempt to identify this and, if necessary, disclose their concerns to law enforcement and criminal justice authorities. This manner, radicalization may be halted and prevented from progressing to terrorism.

Terrorist offenses are those committed with the goal to instill fear. Terrorist intent is a factor that increases the severity of the sentence. As a result, the term for an offense committed with terrorist purpose will be heavier than the sentence for the primary offense alone. This is true not just of individuals who commit acts of terrorism, but also of those who want to commit acts of terrorism. Planning an attack, for example, or successfully completing a terrorist training program are also criminal offenses. Sentencing enhancements will aid in the prevention of future assaults.

To summarize, preventing terrorist acts requires the concerted efforts of all citizens. The government’s security and monitoring should be bolstered. Additionally, citizens should be on the watch for suspicious activity and increased penalties for terrorist offenders. 


White, J. R. (2016). Terrorism and Homeland Security (9th Edition). Cengage Learning US.