Module 6: due process & the disciplinary system, fourth amendment

Q1 Analyze how the Supreme Court cases you have read about concerning the inmate disciplinary system help or do not help Harrison’s chances of winning his lawsuit. Rely on the Supreme Court cases only. This is  


These are the 3 legal issues for you to address:

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1. Discuss the legal issues raised when officials required Emmie to undergo a strip search before she could visit Gemm.

2. Discuss the legal issues raised by the cell search of Gemm’s cell – what are her Fourth Amendment rights when it comes to cell searches?

3. Discuss Gemm’s right to call witnesses in her behalf at a disciplinary hearing.

Discuss ALL of the legal issues involved in the 3 sub-questions. Minimum 1 and ½ page, double-spaced. Offer arguments in favor of the prison administration’s position AND arguments in support of Gemm and Emmie