Milestone two: networking and database reports – start work


You are a new employee at an IT help desk. The organization that you work for has computers that are due for an operating system (OS) upgrade. Your supervisor has provided you with components of the implementation plan to carry out in order to facilitate a smooth upgrade process in each department. 

For Milestone Two, you will submit a network and database report based on the resources provided. 

For the networking report, describe the network configuration, explaining the role of each component and connection, following the diagram provided by your supervisor. Write a short description of any components you think are missing from the network diagram and provide a potential rationale for why you think these components are critical to the network. Specifically, state the functions of the components and how they contribute to the network. 

For the database report, modify the appropriate components of the provided database with the information regarding the employees’ computers and the upgrade dates. You will then run a query identifying each employee’s upgrade date. Specifically: 

1. Open up each table in the database to view the data and examine its formatting. Be sure to open the database in regular and design view. Describe what each table contains and any data types that are other than text. 

2. Open the Table Upgrade Information in design view. Change the data type of the “Upgrade Date” field from “text” to “Date/Time”. 

3. Enter the appropriate date for each assignment based on the assignments group number. Do this in regular view of the table. Use the same dates that you used for Milestone 1. The groups and their corresponding dates for upgrade should be as follows: 

     Group 1: Use the same initial upgrade date at least 30 days in the future that you used for Milestone 1. 

     Group 2: This date should be 2 days after the initial upgrade date. 

     Group 3: This date should be 5 days after the initial upgrade date. 

     Group 4: This date should be 8 days after the initial upgrade date. 

     Group 5: This date should be 10 days after the initial upgrade date. 

4. Once you have entered the dates in the appropriate column in the Table Upgrade Information, save your data and close the table. Describe the steps you took to complete this task. 

5. Open the upgrade list query in design view. Make note of the actions it is taking and how the tables are linked. Describe how the tables are linked and why you think the linking is done in this way. Then describe what data the query is pulling. Then click “Run.” Take a screenshot of the results of your query to include in your submission.  

Guidelines for Submission: Written components of projects must follow these formatting guidelines when applicable: double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.  

 Critical Elements:

1.  Network Configuration – Explanation.

2.  Network Configuration – Evaluation.

3.  Network Configuration – Rationale.

4.  Database Modifications – New Data Field.

5.  Database Modification – Data Query. 

See attached for additional resources.