Memo 1-2 pages and letter 1-2 pages.

Attached is the case study for the Pizzaria. Read the study, look at the facts that are infront of you, and make a decision as to what you feel the owner should do.  Think outside the box and look up for data if you need to.  

You will then do parts A and B in the assignment.  Part A is a memo that should be 1-2 pages, in the same format as the last memo that you wrote.  For part B, your letter should be no longer than 2 pages as well.  

Be prepaired to discuss the case in class and review what you feel the owner should do.

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Read the Case Case Study – Business Strategy for Pizzaria.docxPreview the documentView in a new window

Assignments Case Study – Business Strategy Writing Assignments-1.docxPreview the documentView in a new window