Lego case write-up | Operations Management homework help

Completely and concisely answer each question below, numbering your responses. Make sure you justify your answers with facts from the case, not opinions. I would also encourage you to double check your submission for clarity and readability prior to submission (please see full instructions within the Syllabus and Assignment module).

PG. 101

Please use 12 pt, Times New Roman and single spacing. You should aim for your write 

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up to be approximately 1-2 pages in length (not to exceed 2-pages). 

1)  Evaluate LEGO in terms of LEGO’s current operations. Consider the company’s various business operations (e.g., licensed building sets, stores and merchandise, etc.) 

2)  Describe the current competitive landscape for LEGO. Evaluate LEGO’s current position in relation to its two biggest competitors (MEGA Brands and Hasbro) 

3)  What do the changes in the marketplace mean for the future of the toy industry? 

4)  Where do future opportunities exist, both for LEGO and for its competitors in the toy industry? 

5)  How would you suggest that LEGO move forward?