Ldrs432 building leaders ii | Business & Finance homework help

I. Read: Chapters 1-3 “Designing Your Life:”

Answer the following questions:

1. In chapter 1 of the text the author stresses that: “You can’t know where you are going until you know where you are”.

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  • What does this mean?
  • Why is the author drawing us to this issue?
  • What role does this perspective play in the design of a person’s life-path as it pertains to his/her career? 

2. According to the author the two elements a person requires to build their COMPASS are Workview and a Lifeview.

  • What is Workview?
  • What is a Lifeview?
  • What is a Compass?
  • Explain what makes these two elements essential to the building of a person’s COMPASS? 


  • Read the instructions and complete the 12 pg survey.
  • Submit in the dropbox provided page #9 of your completed survey. Only page #9 is to be submitted in the dropbox.
  • PLEASE write or type your NAME and STUDENT # on your submission.

III. Download the “WHO ARE WE” document

  • Complete and submit to the provided Dropbox.