Lab report please see the attachment


1. On your local computer, create a new document. You will use this document as your Lab Report.

2. Review the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure.( User, Workstation, Local Area Network (LAN), Local Area Network-to-Wide Area

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Network (LAN-to-WAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Remote Access, and System/Application)

3. In your Lab Report file, describe how risk can impact each of the seven domains of a typical IT

infrastructure: User, Workstation, Local Area Network (LAN), Local Area Network-to-Wide Area

Network (LAN-to-WAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Remote Access, and System/Application



Risks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities

Primary Domain Impacted


Unauthorized access from public Internet


Hacker penetrates IT infrastructure and gains access to your internal   network


Communication circuit outages


Workstation operating system (OS) has a known software vulnerability


Denial of service attack on organization’s e-mail



Remote communications from home office


Workstation browser has software vulnerability


Weak ingress/egress traffic-filtering degrades performance


Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) access

points are needed for LAN connectivity within a



Need to prevent rogue users from unauthorized

WLAN access


User destroys data in application, deletes all les,

and gains access to internal network


Fire destroys primary data center


Intraoffice employee romance gone bad


Loss of production data server


Unauthorized access to organization-owned



LAN server OS has a known software



User downloads an unknown e-mail attachment


Service provider has a major network outage


User inserts CDs and USB hard drives with

personal photos, music, and videos on

organization-owned computers


Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunneling between

the remote computer and ingress/egress router



4. Review the left-hand column of the following table of risks, threats, and vulnerabilities that were found in a health care IT infrastructure servicing patients with life-threatening conditions:

Note: Some risks will affect multiple IT domains. In fact, in real-world environments, risks and their direct consequences will most likely span across several domains. This is a big reason to implement controls in more than one domain to mitigate those risks. However, for the exercise in step 6 that follows, consider and select only the domain that would be most affected. Subsequent next steps in the real world include selecting, implementing, and testing controls to minimize or eliminate those risks. Remember that a risk can be responded to in one of four ways: accept it, treat it (minimize it), avoid it, or transfer it (for example, outsource or insurance).

5. In your Lab Report le, complete the table from the previous step by identifying which of the

seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure will be most impacted by each item in the table’s

left-hand column and explain why.