Lab questions | Computer Science homework help

 The following challenge questions are provided to allow independent, unguided work, similar to what you will encounter in a real situation. You should aim to improve your skills by getting the correct answer in as few steps as possible. Use screen captures in your lab document where possible to illustrate your answers.


  1. It is September 11, 2001. Write an email that will be sent to Americans to solicit some type of financial contribution and steal their credit card information. Identify the source of the recipient list that you will use to maximize your return and explain why. Make screen captures as necessary to back up your explanation.


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  2. List as many methods as you can think of to get a person’s VPN credentials through social engineering or reverse social engineering. Prioritize your list with the ideas you think will be most effective at the top, and those with less effectiveness at the bottom. Swap lists with a partner, and discuss. Record a summary of your discussion in your Challenge Questions file.



  3. Three pharmacists in Atlanta, Georgia have invented a new energy drink called Booster. It has become the number one soft drink in the world and you are assigned to find out how it is made. This is a closely guarded secret known to only three original pharmacists: Pat knows the process, and Audre and Stacey each know half of the formula. The entire secret is stored in the Booster Vault at Booster HQ. The Booster Vault is accessible only by the Booster Virtual Private Network and will only work when all three passphrases are entered within 30 seconds of each other from three different IP addresses. Design a campaign including technical, social engineering, and reverse social engineering techniques to get the full formula and process.