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1. Islamophobia – 2000 words

2. Is it Muslim individuals/groups, or built environments/arrangements of space that make a city ‘Islamic? – 2000 words

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Anth205 Islam Marking Criteria for Major Essay Marking Criteria Essays will be marked on the following criteria: 1. Clearness of intention, as sketched out in the essay’s introduction. Siobhan and I strongly recommend that in your introduction you tell us (the readers) how you are cutting your essay down to size. That is, good essays tell their readers what they are doing, and what the reader will encounter as they continue. 2. Clearness of prose. Good essays are edited before they are handed in! 3. Clearness of argument. Make sure you link up your paragraphs by summing up your argument before preparing the reader for the next one. Sub-headings are useful, because they force you to think about the order of presentation of your discussion. 4. Illuminating use of ideas and perspectives presented in the course so far, including from lectures, tutorial readings and recommended readings. Task Students will write one essay for the course, choosing their topic from one of the major themes under discussion. Essay questions will be self-selected, but this selection will be facilitated by tutorial discussion. It is advisable (but not compulsory) that the essay be based on your tutorial presentation. However, students will be required to write and submit their own essays. This essay should be approximately 2000 words. th, The essay is due on Friday October 28 and must be submitted through the turnitin system on ilearn