International business homework | Financial markets homework help

About 200 words for each;

1.  You work for Nike and want to enter some markets in Africa.  But you have to decide which ones to enter as you don’t have the resources to enter all of them.

To help you decide, one of the steps is to pick five criteria which will help you gauge potential demand.  These criteria should be specific and not general.  For example, if you were an office supply supplier you would perhaps use number of companies, total office worker employment and office worker growth and not general criteria like gdp or unemployment rate.

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With Nike, think sports!

2. You are Land Rover, manufacturer of luxury SUVs, and want to enter two countries – a large wealthy one like Germany and a small one like Cyprus.  For each country, what form (joint venture, direct ownership, etc) would you use and why?  Give at least three reasons why and also at least two cons for this method.