Industry Group Research Report Around 1500 Words Overview The Aim Of The Report Is T 2849291

Industry Group Research Report – Around 1500 words


The aim of the report is to act as a HRM change agent and provide an in-depth analysis of a recent change process within a real-life organisation. The focus of the analysis should relate to any of the HRM functions including: training; development; recruitment; selection; performance management; rewards and motivation; health, safety and wellbeing; diversity; negotiation; industrial relations; etc (please focus your attention on one or two of these areas if they are clearly interconnected). You will investigate the change that has taken place through collecting, analysing and interpreting interview data and data sourced from databases, websites, annual reports, etc. You must conduct at least one interview with a manager and one interview with an employee within the organisation who was involved in the change. Interviews can be conducted in person, via phone, email or Skype. You will then need to critically analyse the data with reference to the recent academic literature andthe theories, ideas and concepts covered in the course. Part of this will include discussing what the organisation has done well in accordance to the literature and also what they have not done well. You will make informed and relevant recommendations to the organisation and provide future solutions for effective change management.


This assessment will effectively demonstrate your capacity to:

  • analyse and critically evaluate organisational change practices and issues which relate to any of the HRM functions
  • plan and undertake an independent research project
  • integrate connections between scholarly ideas, concepts and theories and professional preparation by applying relevant tools, techniques and solutions to practical workplace problems

The report you produce may also have important implications for your targetedorganisation. Furthermore, with permission from the organisation, a copy of your de-identified report can be included in your career/e-portfolio.

This is Group assignment, Please read carefully and It has to be match with all requirement,

We have done all other part except

3.3 Analysis and evaluation of the change (approx (900-1080 words). 4

4.0 Recommendations (approx 400-480 words): 4

Please read all we have done and write as much as good with it, I already write recommendation, Please follow for me

Only need to write

3.3 Analysis and evaluation of the change (approx (900-1080 words). 4

4.0 Recommendations (approx 400-480 words): 4

and write on the industry research report file which i attached