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Industry Analysis (500 words) Select and answer one of the following questions: The world automobile industry has experienced low profitability during the past two decades. What features of the industry have caused intensive competition and low profitability? OR How is the structure of the world automobile industry likely to change over the next five years (2013?17)? What effect will these changes have on competition and profitability in the industry? Please use one of the strategy analysis frameworks listed below: · Scenarios · Industry life-cycle · Porter’s 5 Forces · Segmentation · Key/critical success factors · Resource-based theory of competitive advantage · Value chain analysis – Part 2. Key Success Factors (300 words) What will be the key success factors in the world automobile during the next five years? Which companies will be most profitable? (Please keep the following definition for key success factors in mind, while answering the question – “Key/Critical success factors (CSFs) are those product features that are particularly valued by a group of customers and, therefore, where the organization must excel to outperform competition”)